PMP450m 3.6GHZ Install

We are looking at deploying few of these.  For all our PMP450i gear we use Mikrotik Switches and PacketFlux rackinjectors with Cambium Sync.  What is everyone using to power up the PMP450m gear in 3.6 and how are they doing it?

The PMP 450m 3 GHz radio power requirements and recommended power supply:

Power Consumption 140 W typical, 150 W peak (up to 180 W max with AUX port PoE enabled)
Input Voltage 40 - 60 V DC

Recommended Power Supply C000000L054B - 54VDC, 240W

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Ben Royer created a video of his install methods:

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As Dave points out, this device is a direct DC powered radio.  The document he attached, as well as the video should help.  In addition, here is another link that goes into more of the physical installation.  The LPU is needed for Ethernet based data and requires power on the cable to function properly (PSU or CMM/PacketFlux, typically).  If using Fiber SFP, the LPU isn't needed and the SFP2 port should be used.

Our LINKPlanner design tool will build out a BOM and assumes Ethernet connectivity.

Part Number Description Quantity Notes
01010419001 Coaxial Cable Grounding Kits for 1/4" and 3/8" Cable 2  
C000000L114 DC Surge Suppressor (DC LPU kit) with 2x 4-pin power connectors 1  
C000065L007 LPU and Grounding Kit (1 kit per ODU) 1  
C030045A101 3 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree 1  
EW-E4PM4MAP-WW PMP450m Access Point Extended Warranty, 4 Additional Years 1  
N000000L054 Power Supply, AC, 54V 240W 1 This power supply also requires the filter N000000L056 when used in Europe with CMM
N000000L115 4-Conductor 0.75mm x2 DC cable - 100m 1 Requires 18AWG power connectors
N000900L017 PoE Gigabit DC Injector, 15W Output at 56V, Energy Level 6, 0C to 50C 1  
WB3176 328 ft (100 m) Reel Outdoor Copper Clad CAT5E (Recommended for PTP) 1 Total cable requirements are aggregated at the parent level

Say we are deploying 4 of these on top of a relatively tall tower.  Has anyone come up with a small out door enclosure to split out the ~48 volts from rather then running a seperate run for each unit up tower?  I still plan on using a seperate "Cambium C000065L007B" surge supressor for each unit but would rather not have 4 power runs up tower.

@hci wrote:

Has anyone come up with a small out door enclosure to split out the ~48 volts from rather then running a seperate run for each unit up tower?

This might be an option, the Raycap SC2DC-8692-2-P-48-F... it provides for both DC and fiber distribution for small cel sites, along with lightning suppression on the DC line. We originally got this from Cambium to test with a cnRanger deployment... I think they're considering it as a BOM part for their cnRanger LTE line. I think it would also work quite well for 450m 3GHz. I've done a little searching online and am having difficulty finding this part or pricing. Maybe someone from Cambium can chime in on this.

Product label

Outside cover


Hi Dave
Where exactly these power supplies are placed ?
My guess is they are placed inside the shelter , and fed with ac power supply

If true , I see there are 2 wires at DC output end, red and black

The dc cable coming down from the antennas is a 4 wire cable

Any help in connecting them would really help


This is the same problem we are facing. What was the resolution to this?

Thanks for all help

This guide helped me

3 GHz 450m power cam-10189_000v001.pdf (203.1 KB)

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