PMP450m 3GHz not using uplink MU-MIMO

Hello there, we just installed a few PMP450m 3GHz AP's... all AP's and clients running 16.0.1. We have one AP that refuses to allow uplink MU-MIMO. When we run link tests it shows 84% on group 3, and 16% on group 4 for downlink, but it shows 100% on group 1 for uplink. On the Link Status page, every single SM shows "NA" for uplink MU-MIMO. This is strange because the downlink MU-MIMO is working so well, and all the other 450m AP's at this site show uplink MU-MIMO gains. Are we missing a setting here or something?

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Hi Eric,

Can you go to IPADDRESS/field_diags.cgi and download the file when prompted (may take 20-30 seconds).

IPADDRESS is IP of the AP.

This takes a full set of diagnostics from the radio.

send that over to me at

and I will see what I can do.

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So Andrew took a look at the radio and it appears as though I have a bad one! So I'll be RMA'ing this on Monday.