PMP450m and compatibility SM

Hello everyone.

Actually we successfull deploy ePMP 1000 and 2000 with really good results.

Now we are starting to think about PMP450m platform. We simply stop immediately due to eccessive SM cost.

I need to understood well the compatibility with all SMs.

Who can help us?

ePMP radios are not compatible with PMP450 radios. and vise versa All PMP450 SM's are compatible with PMP450m AP in a given band.

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Yes I know.

Iā€™m refer to PMP 100, 430, 450 and other SM of course.

The 450 platform consists of 450, 450i and 450m Access Points.

Subscriber Modules can be 450, 450d, 450i, or the new 450b (soon to be released).

All of these are interoperable with one another.

(Note: 430 SM are compatible with 450 or 450i AP, but 450m is not.)