PMP450m Concerns

Hi All,

I have the following questions regarding PMP450m …

  1. How can I measure the actual consumed traffic per AP & SM through antenna GUI?
    (Running the link test will get the maximum achievable capacity over wireless per SM)

  2. Can we offer PRI service over PMP with third party multiplexers? Is it tested?
    (If we have a single user or multiple users)

The easiest way to vew live traffic on the AP of the PMP 450 Medusa is to install the web browswer addon Canopy GUI Enhancer. Once installed when you go to Statistics>Radio, it will create a graph and use the packet count to generator a traffic graph for it. You’ll need to make sure the settings on the AP web refresh is set to 2 seconds. Generally I don’t look at live traffic stats and rely on cnMaestro or MRTG to poll data via SNMP to get traffic info. Cambium has not provided an easy way to look at live overall traffic.

PRI is a T1 service that isn’t supported by the PMP line. Your best bet is to offer phone service via the PMP450 line is to look into sip trunking. We use quite a few SPA8000 to provide dial tone to an existing PBX system.


Thanks for your useful answer.

In addition to the above answer, on the AP there is a tab under Statistics → Throughput that can be enabled to track throughput as well. This is not available on the SM however, so it’s AP level throughput. It is probably something we should add to the SM as well.