PMP450M dropping to 100base


anyone having an issue with 450M dropping to Main Ethernet Interface :
100Base-T Full Duplex. when the AP is rebooted it moves back to Main Ethernet Interface :
1000Base-T Full Duplex. AP is on its own PSU not CMM and PSU has been changed. have noticed it on a couple of AP’s.


I have on a 3ghz PMP450m but the cable length is like 385ft so I expect it to drop occasionally. Do you have any lower frequency devices colocated in the 100-200 Mhz range? What kind of cable are you using is it shielded and properly attached to the ground on both ends?


We had a similar problem ln a 450 900 Replaced it with a high quality solid copper shielded.grounded cable and it resolved the issue. Cable that was on it was shielded but testing showed a flakey ground connection and it was copper clad aluminum versus solid copper, which we found also caused problems with POE power loss.