PMP450M Error


Can someone shed some light on this error message?

VC 18, reference SF: 2048 (INVALID), soundingState 4 (UNTRUSTED), soundingFault 9 (VC_CEST+CHANNEL_DISTORTION), mumimoVetoCount 17, channelDistortion { -9.38,-12.46}, nullingSNR -21.53, cnResponseCountSM 8428, cnResponseCountAP 593, missedTagCount 0



This is a message from the sounding part of the MU-MIMO system. To enable MU-MIMO to send data to several SM/VCs at the same time we need to get a channel estimate from each VC. Basically a measure of the RF conditions, the relative azimuth angle from the medusa, channel distortion etc.

In this case the sounding mechanism is reporting that it cannot ascertain with enough confidence the RF conditions and angle for this VC. It may be a problem with NLOS, or the VC antenna may be misaligned, or there may be reflections in the RF path. Sometimes this fault will fix itself as more and better measurements are made. If it does not it just means this VC will not form part of a MU-MIMO group. It will still get data just in SU-MIMO mode as per a 'normal' 450, so maybe it should be regarded more as a warning that this VC is/was having trouble RF wise.

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