PMP450m -Latency

Please see the below screenshot, as per PMP450m data sheet, typical latency is 10ms.
I just want to know that this is when the wireless link is in idle state or full bandwidth consumption state.

In our case, We are getting 10ms latency when we do not consume bandwidth. When we consume aggregate 90Mbps bandwidth, the latency is 40-50ms. is this correct or the latency is high??

There can be a few reasons for high latency on PMP450…

  • AP frame utilization at or reaching 100%
  • Bandwidth used on the SM is at or reaching the SM’s MIR rate limit
  • Interference, path conditions changing (like a tree branch swaying back and forth in the path), or multi-path reflection (like shooting in urban areas or across water).

On this AP what channel width are you running? While you’re running these speed tests, what is your AP’s frame utilization?


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