PMP450m not connecting with SM

I have PMP link which contain 1AP and 2 SM. Untill last week it was working properly. But, now the both SM’s not connecting with the AP.

Time being i have installed Another one AP with different frequency and colour code… configured the same in SM as secondary. Both SM’s are connected and working properly.

Now, my question is what happened for my 1st AP… its pinging properly and able to access but not allow to associate the SM…? What are the possible ways to fix the issue…

  1. Do you see anything in the AP event logs?
  2. Is there massive interference shown in the Spectrum Analyzer?
  3. Is the AP operating in the DFS frequencies?

Hi nelson,

1.In event log there is no abnormal entries… only it has power reboot, sync pulse acquired.
2.Spectrum report is very clear there no same or nearby freq not more then -90.
3.DFS not used.

One additional point, which i observed today troubleshooting… often there is a alarm "Radio Status alarm is active.Transmit disabled(Internal Reason code:2)” is showing.

Considering no changes were made to the AP, it stopped transmitting by itself, and the error occurs frequently, I would recommend opening a ticket with Cambium support. They will want diagnostic info from the AP, though they should be able to guide you through that. Hopefully Cambium creates an RMA for the AP and sends a replacement.


Open a ticket with cambium, I think this message means something wrong with this unit

BTW, from SM → Tools → AP Evaluation, do you see this AP?


Thank u for ur info. I am able to see the
1st AP in AP evaluation list with -70 receive power.

Hello @Prabakaran_Nanthagop ,

can you share the screen shots of the error you see and also share a screen shot of the radio configuration tab?

Which region and country are you using in configuration general tab?

Sincerely yours,