PMP450m SFP Rx power level

We’ve got a 450m sector with a single-mode SFP in it. The radio is reporting tons of CRC errors per second and >4k link up/down events in just a few hours. The switch port side is showing the link drops, but no CRC/FCS errors at this point. Optical Rx power level at the switch port is about -6dBm. However, I cannot seem to find the Rx power level for the SFP in the radio anywhere in the GUI. Does that even exist? I’m wondering if we have low Rx power at the optic in the radio. I’m suspecting we have either a failing SFP or an improperly seated cable at one end or the other. Just would be nice to see the power level at the radio.

You can also get these events with a poorly seated SFP and with mismatched SFPs.

I havent seen any cambium gear that tells you what the optical receive power is. We have a mini-OTDR with built in power level meter that we use up towers, makes troubleshooting easier and simply getting the tech to actually check the fiber end face and make sure its clean is important. If this is a field terminated fiber then it is possible that there is a bad termination too.