pmp450m sm location calculation possible?

Given the mu-mimo system knows a pretty accurate azimuth for talking to a specific SM, and knows the ranging information for distance, wouldn't it be possible to therefor to take a lat/long + azimuth reading program it into something... i dunno say cnmaestro-nextgen and be able to get a location for where the SM's are connecting from with a basic bit of accuracy.

I ask because lets just say getting people to keep their SM information (Lat/Long) updated is a handful :)

The PMP450m knows the spatial frequency for each SM with a high 

degree of accuracy.

It's a nice idea but, unfortunately, a particular spatial frequency can 

map to more than one azimuth (you can see this on the Frame Utilisation 


Perhaps you could use the spatial frequency and range to validate the 

SM location but on it's own I think it is ambiguous.


For this type of data capture, we will be using cnArcher to capture this sort of data.  Because you're using a mobile device that has GPS built-in, these coordinates can be automatically captured by cnArcher and input to the SM GUI (and cnMaestro). 

To Simon's point, yes, the Spatial Frequency alone can indicate the direction of the SM (at least two possible directions), but using cnArcher can allow automation and capture of the SM location easily.

Have you used cnArcher yet?  If not, we would love for you to try.