PMP450M support for 5150-5250 MHz in Canada?


I was curious whether or not the PMP450m can now, or in the future, be able to support higher(useful) transmit power in the 5150-5250 Mhz Band, as outlined by ISED ( )

When I asked this question a few months ago, with regards to PTP670's, I was told that due to out-of-band emissions, we were limited to the settings for Region code 84.... which means that not unlike 5.4 Ghz, it's very limited in it's use due to EIRP/transmit power restrictions.

If us WISP's here in Canada are able to utilize this spectrum for PMP purposes, it would alleviate our possibly congested 5.8 Band and create more opportunity to deliver high-bandwidth links to our towers or our subscribers.

Does Cambium have the capability/plan to rectify this for the PMP450m?  I hope that thanks to it's DSP filters, it could be capable of doing so, but it remains to be seen.

Anyone at Cambium able to answer this for me?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, the 450m is capable to operate in this band. Because this band is licensed in Canada, the operator must have the license to be able to do so. The power limits may be restricted from the maximum (especially at the edges of the band) due to the out of band emission requirements.

Do you have any specs on that?  Is there a chart available? 

I'd like to know what transmit power we can run, on what channel, and what channel size.


This is all determined by the license that you would hold in Canada.  The maximum allowed is classified as HPOD (High Powered Outdoor Device) and appears to be 4W (36 dBm), similar to what is allowed in the US.

Here is the ISEDC technical bulletin on it, SMSE-013-17, if you'd like to read more.