I need install many PMP450SM in sites where there is no AC power. The only power source is 24VDC coming from batteries and solar panels.

I need make sure the SM will work with that source of DC power. please I need an advice if this will work.

Yes, it will work. You’ll need a method to inject the power into the ethernet cable.

Cambium provides the cordset (injector cable) needed. The part number is 30010227001.

Alternatively, starting with any 29.5V power supply (such as ACPSSW-09B), you can cut the cordset off of the power brick (the part that plugs into the wall), and connect these to the 24VDC power source.

Yes, the same cord set (referenced above) can be used, or the cord from a 29.5 V power supply (part number ACPSSW-09B) can be used to provide this connection.

I have the similar doubt. I need to power one PMP450 AP from telecom -48VDC. Possibly without using CMM of any type because of critical cost limits. As PMP450AP consumes approx. 18 W, can I use the same idea you advice, cutting the cordset, and applying 24Vdc from -48V to 24V dc/dc converter 20W of power?