PMP450x Release 16.2.3 is now available

Cambium is officially releasing the PMP450x Radio 16.2.3 software. It is the initial release for MicroPop and Retro hardware, and also a bug fix release for CBRS and all of 450 series.

16.2.3 will be available on cloud cnMaestro within 24 hours.

Problems and Limitations Corrected in 16.2.3

Products Affected Tracking Description
All CBRS CPY-16835 Modified handling of CBRS 400 response code in a grant response. When a radio requests a higher EIRP than previously authorized on FW SAS, and SAS responds with a 400 grant response suggesting the previously authorized lower value, the radio will now send another grant request with the previously authorized lower value.
CBRS with Domain Proxy CPY-16829 Difficulty establishing CBRS AP to Domain Proxy connection when upgrading to System release 16.2.2. This fixes a problem when using cnMaestro as an HTTP proxy for CBRS messaging as documented in field service bulletin FSB9082
All 3.6 GHz CPY-16843 Re-allow scanning of 3.6 GHz 7 MHz in FCC region (can be used by operators with CBRS disabled)
450 CPY-16142 450 SM reporting SNR on the wrong path
450m CPY-16864 Session drops with 450m and heavy downlink broadcast or multicast traffic.
All CBRS CPY-16871 SMs sometimes not adjusting power after enabling CBRS
450 AP CPY-16854 PMP 450 AP resetting due to BufNum/Head mismatch
450 AP CPY-16735 PMP 450 AP Reset due to MPU Violation
450 AP CPY-16580 Multiple MPU violation error crashed across two APs at the same time.
All CPY-16816 Unable to claim device in cnMaestro due to serial number on device did not properly terminate.
All CBRS CPY-16823 Update grant expire time. Grant will now be renewed 24 hours or 1 week prior to the Grant Expire time, depending on the SAS vendor, rather than a few minutes prior as was done in 16.2.2 and previous releases
450b PTP and MicroPoP CPY-16585 For 3 GHz 450b PTP and MicroPoP units, the SES/SYN LED falsely indicates sync when “Free Run Before GPS Sync” was disabled.
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Anyone have tried this build?

We still use and i wonder if is a good idea update to 16.2.3 or wait release 20 instead

We upgraded a 5 GHz 450i from to 16.2.3. Approximately 22 hrs later we had a watchdog reset.

The log had “Data Abort exception, return PC:030ba0e0 DFSR:(0000000d) -,FS:5 DFAR:00000000”.

A ticket has been created with tech support.

We will likely hold on the rollout of 16.2.3 until we get some more details on this.

Did you upgraded an AP or SM?

I upgraded some 450, 450i, 450m (APs) 20 hours ago, until now everithing is fine.