PMP450x Release is now available

Cambium is officially releasing the PMP450x Radio software.

Radio software and documentation can be found at the downloads site, and will be available on cnMaestro cloud within 24 hours.

Problems and Limitations corrected in System Release

Products Affected Tracking Description
All AP/BHM PMP Products CPY-17628 Adjusted Rate Adapt not to downrate as quickly. This was reverted to the value used prior to System Release 20.2.1.
All PMP SM products CPY-17649 Fixed bug introduced in System Release 20.3 causing slower registration times for SM to Primary AP.

I think CPY-17628 was severely affecting our 900MHz gear. SM uplinks in high noise environments were all basically stuck at 1X MIMO-A. We’ve been receiving customer complaints and figured it was just the noise floor typical with 900 in smart-meter areas. However, I just upgraded a couple sectors from 20.3.1 to and those uplinks have drastically improved and appear to be much more stable.


That’s great news… I’ve done some before/after testing and I’m finding way way less dropped sessions and re-regs, especially for nNLOS connections.


Thanks for the feedback George. It’s important to let the community know when conditions improve as a result of engineering’s diligence toward bug reduction.

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Can we get a STA version? STA-1 is now posted on the private Google Drive link.

Sorry for the delay, but we have improved the STA procedure: After upgrading a 5 GHz FCC radio to STA-1, it will know that it has been authorized to run STA frequencies and will show at the bottom of the Home page:
“FCC Special Temporary Authority UNII-3 Band Extension 5850 – 5895 MHz : True”

Then when upgrading to future versions like 21.0 BETA-2 or later, a special STA load will not have to be loaded on that radio to use the extended frequencies, it will retain that knowledge. But all radios will need to go through STA-1 first. This will allow us not to have to provide a future STA load for every release and allow operators using these frequencies to also easily test future beta loads.

If for some reason the radio is no longer allowed to use these frequencies, a button is provided to remove them on the Unit Settings page.

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If for some reason the radio is no longer allowed to use these frequencies, a button is provided to remove them on the Unit Settings page

How does the radio know if it’s no longer allowed to use the frequencies? Do we need to put in information in the AP/cnMaestro?

Thanks for providing the update BTW

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Sorry I should have said “the operator is no longer allowed to use these frequencies.” The radio does not know if it is no longer allowed, as far as it is concerned will always be allowed until someone disables it. It is up to the professional operator to decide if and when and where to use the frequencies. No information is required at the AP or cnMaestro, like current STA loads need no special AP or cnMaestro information.
As far as the future of those frequencies of course that will be up to future FCC decisions.

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Ok, that make sense. Thanks for the info

Like this new version.
Some of our NLOS 3GHz links that would rereg when the wind blew hard are now staying connected.

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The STA firmware adds the following license key to your PMP450 radios:

Anyone seen issues with CNUT giving this error when uploading this firmware into the packages? Using the latest CNUT 5.0.3

11/29/21 09:08:13 SEVERE com.mot.canopy.CanopySWUpdater.lib.Package.InvalidPackageException: Cannot load package: C:\Users\X\Downloads\\\CANOPY203_1_1BUILDSTA-1_PXP45x_S.pkg3, Error Reading Package Error Extracting File: cnMedusa_upgrade.img

Hello MSImax,

I was not able to reproduce the error you experienced.


Joe, are you using the STA release? I have tried on three different computers, and I get the same results. I can unload and reload the older firmwares just fine (16.1, 20.2, etc).

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I tried the brand new STA version in both CNUT 4.13.3 and it worked fine. I then removed the package, upgraded to 5.0.3, and re-uploaded the package and it worked fine.

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I originally tested the STA build prior to its release using CNUT 5.0.1. I then retested the STA build that was posted on the google drive using CNUT 5.0.3 with no issues in either case.

I’m not sure if related and has only happened, but we have a new 450m AP that we installed and upgraded to Over a 24hr period we had random watchdog resets. See attached. We have put software back to 20.3 and are monitoring. Not sure if others have seen this?