POE but no Data

Does the cambium Poe adapter bring up the link on the attached switch? Or does that responsibility belong to the radio and the Poe injector is just passing a raw connection through?

I ask because I keep running in to a problem where my radio is powered up but I can’t get a link light on the switch that the Poe injector is plugged in to. Tried several different Poe injectors so it leads me to believe the issue is at the radio.

However I’ve swapped Poe injectors before and it would randomly start working. Trying to understand if there are radio settings or levers I can pull that may bring the link up.

Thanks all,

The PoE Injector is just passthrough.

As brubble1 said, the brick is paththrough. And it will not bring the link up when not connected to you switch or laptop.
Do you try it with a short wire or is it already installed on the mast? Did it work before? Did you try with a brick that works with other radio?
Of course, you can have bad wires and something toasted by thunder strike.