POE Changeout question

We are in the process of migrating from UBNT 3.65 to PMP 3.65. 

Would this scenario burn out the new cambium 3.65 S.M.?  Replace the antenna at the subscriber's residence. If the subscriber is not home and has not unplugged their Ubnt PoE and we replace the antenna will it harm the cambium or will it just not work until they plug in the correct PoE?




The pinout is differnt, however some folks have reported success with hombrew adapers, or commercially available ones like this one:


Thank you for your answer. 

I understand the pin out is different. I have the correct PoE to give to the customer. My question is if I change out the antenna at the house with the old PoE hooked up and then leave at their doorstep the new PoE (because they are not home). Would this cause the new Cambium antenna to be harmed?

This is hard to type out I will try again with bullet points:

1. Take off old ubnt sm. 

2. install new cambium sm. 

3. the new cambium will still have power going to it from the old PoE due to my install team not being able to get inside the home. 

4. leave new PoE at homeowners doorstep. 

5. customer plug in new poe.

6. everyone is happy because the new poe powers the antenna now. 

So after step three, would there be potential harm done to the cambium antenna?



Hi Jordan, 

If the Ubiquiti PoE is the 15V or 24V variety, it will not harm the PMP 450 SM. It just won't power up. And once your customer comes home and plugs in the Cambium PoE, it will power up. 

Just make sure the Ubiquiti PoE isn't something that will supply more than 30V like a 802.3af or 802.3at power supply. This will most assurdly fry the PMP 450 SM. 





Thank you!


Ubiquiti POE: 4, 5 are + , 7,8 are - or return

Cambium POE: 7,8 are +, 4, 5 are - or return

Make a cable that is T568B on one side and then on the other swap 4, 5 and 7, 8 or Blue and White Blue with Brown and White Brown.

Remember Ubiquiti POE is 24V vs Cambium 30V