POE power options for GPS-synced acess point


We are going to install ePMP on some telecoms towers which have standart Telco DC -48V power sourse avaliable. I have questions:

1. Is it possible to connect GPS synced device to 24 Volt passive POE of standart polarity to Mikrotik, Ubnt, etc POE swithces ?

2. What is better voltage option: 24 or 48 Volts?  We are using cat 6e cable with lenght about 20-50 meters.

I know the answers, but would like to see official replay. Just not to violate specifications, missed garanteies and so on.

I am not official but I have done what you asked and it seems to work quite well.  I have connected cambium gps radios to dc passive gigabit injectors running both 24v and 48v and it seems to work great.  I have also connected them to ubiquiti 24v gigabit connectors, no issue.  

My preference is to use 48v since the lower part of their voltage range is 22v and with voltage drop on longer cat5/cat6 runs I worry about low voltage when running 24v.