POE Switch

I know that Canopy uses a 24V POE instead of the standard 802.3af, but do you guys know have any SWITCH that has POE that can power a canopy module?


I know that someone has an answer to this? Are there any POE Switches that will work with Canopy?

well, i’m lookoing for POE Switch too

but i only found in 12vdc and 48vdc.

i’m thinking in make one. do you was founded?

Motorola has a 8 port managed switch with POE for Canopy. Its called a CMMmicro have you herd of it? HA HA HA I couldnt resist sorry.

When is moto going to put more features in the micro than just the ability to turn power on and off!

Iwould like to know when they are going to enable the master/slave feature and the timing port in the CMMmicro.

well if you found a 48 volt version it should be simple to take apart and step down to 24vdc just find the supply voltage to the output of the rj45 line and use some for of resistor or other method to step down. Or look and see if you can see if it has a 48 volt regulator and change it to 24vdc of course it could be using some form of str regulator or smp if thats the case you will need to do option 1 .

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