POE Switch

Hello everybody.

First off, i would like to say thank you for everyone who recommended me getting a netonix wisp switch. Its being shipped now and i should have it early next week.

My next question is how will i need to wire the aps to connect?

At this location, i have:  7 epmp 1000 with gps sync

                                      1 ptp 650 as backhaul

                                      3 force 180s as ptp for business customers

I read somewhere i would need to "swap pairs for the force units" But i have no idea what that means, i need it dumbed down a bit for me lol. Also how would i need to power the 650?

Any input will be greatly appreciated. Pictures of what this wire swapping on one end would help alot too. we ue 568A wiring pinout if that makes any difference.

All of those should be wired normally.
I have force 200’s empm1000 gps and force 180 units running with standard cables…
Only the older stuff needs to be changed over.

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