POE with current indicator and surge protection

For years we have used the Tycon/Laird POE-24iR-CI with our Cambium SMs.  Apparently they are discontinued or otherwise unavailable.

I guess the recommendation would be to use Cambium P/N N000900L001C.  We will really miss the current indicator LED though, I can't count how many times this was useful for customer phone support.  Sure would be nice if Cambium could add this to their POEs.  Either a color change like on the Tycon POE, or a second LED.

Does the Cambium POE include surge protection?  The Tycon part supposedly does, I was never sure just how effective it was.  Ubiquiti claims their POEs have surge or "ESD" protection, they make a big deal of it.  It doesn't look like Cambium has this.  Their POE uses a 3-prong power cord, is the ground just for the RJ45 shield?  Or is it a placebo?

I would like to see this too, very dissapointed that the Tycon power supplies were discontinued. We loved them.

Ken - The N000900L001C compllies to the same electrical standards for surge as the Tycon parts list on their Spec Sheets: EN61000-4-5 (>4kV common mode).

However, I would not call this surge protection. A near miss lightning strike, or even a powerful grid surge would still exceed this number. We always recommend installing the surge suppressor (C000000L065A) at the point of building ingress to protect against ESD or surge events entering the premise.

Regarding the RJ-45 shielding, the N000900L001C also uses the C5 plug (the "mickey mouse" or "shamrock") 3-conductor cable, which maintains continuity to ground if using a shielded cable.

Regarding the current sense LED, that is a fantastic idea, and I will look into that for future revisions. Typically, we attempt to keep these devices as low cost as possible, which drives a lot of the decisions that are made. I am not sure what you were paying for the Tycon devices, but these PSU are reasonably priced. I understand the usefulness of the current sensor, though, so we'll look into that.  

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