Poetic Licensing Gone?

What happened to the Poetic licensing system for keys? How is one supposed to activate and apply SM bandwidth upgrades?


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Uhm, wher my keys at Cambium!?

Hi Eric & George,

I'm sorry, this change was not communicated very well. We've moved entitlement management into the Cambium Support site, which will hopefully be more convenient in the long run (one less set of credentials to manage). All open or partially open entitlements have been imported into the new system, so you should be able to generate new keys in much the same way as you used to:

1. Visit https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/entitlements

2. Enter your Entitlement ID and press Check

3. Find the item that you wish to redeem and press "Activate"

You should now be prompted to enter a MAC address and optionally an IP address, and will get the usual license key URL in return.

If there were other features that you used to use in Poetic, please let us know either here on the forum, or via support@cambiumnetworks.com. We'd like to make this as convenient as possible.



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My only gripe is that I have a bunch of licenses and now I'm having to go through my email and try to find every entitilement ID and re-enter them to see if they have any licenses left on them or not. I really wish that any entitlement's that I had previously used, and still had licenses for would have been carried over to the 'Recent Activations' list on the new system.

Hi Eric,

If you can wait until tomorrow, I can look these up for you. Importing old activations into the database is something we're considering; for cases where people used the same email address in Poetic as on the support site it should be fine, but if someone used different addresses for both, we don't have a way to tie the accounts together.


I was able to find the entitlement ID that still had activations available that I was looking for in my email archive. So I'm OK for now.

It would be very helpful if you guys could import the old poetic data into the new system. I believe my email addresses are the same for both. We have had radios lose all calibration and license info in the past and it would be nice to be able to look up the upgrade keys without sifting through a million emails.

An announcement about this would've been nice too. Just sayin. :)


I see the 'My Entitlements' option now. That's cool. But once I add entitlements to that list, there's no way to delete them once all of the available activations are used up. Would be nice if they'd auto purge.

Also, it is still very difficult to find entitlements that have remaining activations. Would be nice to have a list of 4>10, 10>20, Lite AP to Full AP, etc. with X number of available activations.

Hi George,

Removing entitlements is on the list of things to do, as well as providing more useful information on the My Entitlements page itself (such as what is actually available on each of the entitlements). We'd also like to improve the "Recent Activations" view so that you can search by serial number.