Pogo and messenger help

I am wondering if anyone has had issues with clients losing connectivity with pogo and msn messenger. They can surf and download until the cows come home without issue but if they game on pogo and use messenger they get kicked out or locks the browser at very different time intervals, no pattern. The connection doesn’t drop, it’s really strange. They use yahoo games or any other sights like yahoo without issues

My network consists of Tower 2 having 1 900ap and a 360 cyclone set to 30m fed through the cmm to the 30mb OFDM backhaul to tower 1.
At tower 1 It is fed through the cmm to an adtran 1224str where i have a vlans set up to feed out through another 30 MB OFDM backhaul to fiber at a collocation tower. Pretty basic setup and i can’t figure out why these programs are giving allot of clients issues. Any insight would be appreciated :?

well i would start at the beginning of the bandwidth and see if it does it.Also does it do it for everyone? or just intermittent cases and do the ones with problems have there own routers and if they do have routers do all the computers in the house do it? what i am trying to say is it might not be your network it could be something simple like spyware or some common program they have that may be causing it. i had a problem with my messenger once doing that and i was on a 802.11 link and i was using windows wireless config and the zero knowledge stuff was doing it and i downloaded the original sofware and didnt use windows no more for the connection link and it fixed it.


Most clients have their own routers but they have had their computers wiped and reloaded. It’s so weird why all other programs are working without any problems but use these two and voila locked browser or kicked from the program. I pretty sure the routers aren’t the issue because it happened to my laptop while it was plugged directly into the sm’s, bypassing the routers.
could it be something to do with packet priority, it is still at default settingson the AP at that tower. Just grasping at straws.

Have you issued them a static ip for the interactive game? or 1 to 1 nat

They are all assigned static IP’s on the routers and the single PC’s installations.

Ok, This may not be your issue, but the last time our customer keep getting knock off or would freeze. It was his memory card once he cleared it, he has been running fine since.

do you mean cleaning their cache. Dumping the java cache and IE cache. We have done that too and still the same thing they can be on using it for 2 hours with no issues and get booted or just log on for a few minutes and get kicked. Doesn’t make any sense at all.

No, the game had it’s own memory card. He ended up getting a larger card. He was in more rooms of the game than he had memory to hold, So as he would switch from one room to another it would lockup.

What about my control slots. there are only a dozen or more users on the system so far but it will be 50+ in the next week or so. I am at 0 right now for control slots should i bump it to 1. Could this be the issue?

I run 5 cntrl slots, I don’t know if it would be an issue

Which game exactly? what size ram and memory does your customer have?

The games are on pogo…some pool game and a slots game for sure. And also messenger is giving the same issues, on for a while then getting kicked.
But there is no pattern to the disconnect from the sites or program.

These are the only programs so far.

http://support.ea.com/cgi-bin/ea.cfg/ph ... _topview=1


It’s crazy, but i have been through all of these faq’s and knowledgebased sites for ea games upgraded java virtual machine, java, all IE updates and changed out nic cards. It still hasn’t fixed any of these issues.

They write these games need very stable internet connection. Isn’t your channel overloaded? Maybe short gaps doesn’t affect sites browsing but make aol games to disconnect.

Ya but they have a 100% uplink and 98% downlink with 5 or less for jitter. The connections are pretty solid.

These numbers show a connection quality between the SM and the AP. I’m talking about your internet traffic channel, your backbone.

I have a 100 MB fiber connection…lots of pipe for the small amount of users we have on so far.

Test link connection with game and MSN servers. Ping it for a day or at least for a few hours. If you’ll see gaps - that’s the reason.

I will, it will atleast let me no if there is interference or intermittent connectivity with the connection.

Thanks to everyone who has responded to this post.