Point to Point

Dear friends,

If I want to install a PtP system, connecting for example, Government facilities to each other, do I need to get an Internet line or will the Intranet work?

For exaqmple, if I want to give 5Mbps sustained between the Points, is the own Intranet enough or do I need to get internet signal as well?

I want to provide service to municipality but don´t know for sure what the setting is. Appreciate any help.

Best regards to all.

Creating a Canopy point-to-point link, using either a BH/BH (BackHaul) pair or AP/SM (AccessPoint/SubscriberModule) pair, will simply extend an Ethernet LAN between the two locations. I presume this is what you are calling an “Intranet”. For either location to access the Internet, you’ll have to have separate Internet service installed at one of the locations.

If you want to become an Internet Service Provider, and sell Internet service to customers in your city, you’ll likely want to use the AP/SM link. A single AP can link up to 200 SMs. Because the Canopy’s bandwidth (approximately 7Mbps) is shared, however, you won’t be able to achieve the full 5Mbps between two locations.

A pair of 20Mbps BackHaul units would give you about 7Mbps full-duplex.

If this isn’t helpful, you may need to rephrase your questions.