Poor client compatibility past 4.3.2-R4 on R201 units

We've tried every firmware after 4.3.2-R4 and often must rollback.  Common problems we have are:

Roku devices not connecting to 5GHz.

Apple devices causing all connectivity to halt for 5-10 minutes after connecting to the wifi network

All streaming services buffering for 5 minutes ever 30-45 seconds.
Online gamers getting kicked out of their games.

This hasn't been a huge problem until recently when new hardware requires new firmware.

We're very near abandoning ship on the cnPilot lineup.

We are having the same issues.   Very frustrating.   


Sorry to hear that. We have a known issue with apple client connectivity and we are actively 

working to resolve this soon.

Regarding the Roku client issue, can you please share your Roku device details and the R201 configuration file that you are using. We testing using Roku3 and did not see any issues upfront. Please provide any other relevant details for us to reproduce and provide a solution ASAP.

After looking at your configuration, we can comment on the other 2 issues also. You can send the configuration file to my email address ashutosh.datta@cambiumnetworks.com