poor throughput on 900 sm

I installed a 900 sm last nite on a rooftop 2 miles from the ap through some trees. 1200 rssi/ -85db -jitter 3-4
uplink % one time is 90% the next test 25%. downlinks are higher 70%-90%. sometimes, I assume while my percentages are low, I can’t even ping my other aps on the tower or I’ll lose 1 out of 4 pings altogether. Both the sm and ap are about 2 miles from the nearest 929 paging and I’m on 906Mhz. I thought it was probably interferrence but can’t prove it. This is in rural Indiana with few other sources of interferrence and no one else on 900. I’m getting no reregisters on this sm either. Thoughts?

Are you using the Maxrad panel antenna that came with the unit? What’s your gain set to? Also, what direction do you have your AP pointed? Have you done a spectrum analysis of the area with your SM?

using the maxrad panel on the sm with vert pol mounting. the ap has an 8db vert pol db products antenna. gain is set to 8db on both I’m getting up to 15 miles non line of sight- over the horizon from this ap with other sm’s. the spectrum analyzer on the sm doesn’t show anything high on the bottom of the band nor does my 2008 service monitor.