Port RJ45 Aux - EPMP 1000 Radio Integrated

what use the auxiliary port rj45 in the radio integrated epmp 1000? Thanks for the support!!

what is it for??

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This port can provide bridged data along with 'Canopy pinout' PoE (if needed). You could power another radio, or by changing the pinout and/or using a voltage regulator, connect a PoE fed Camera or other device. You'll need to be carefull to make sure that if you do use the AUX's PoE function, that you do not exceed the host radio's power supplies maximum rated wattage.


ok thanks for the explication, grettings!!!

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Hi Carlos,

I saw your one more post on the same topic in Spanish in the below link.


I have added some additional info on the above link. I hope that will be helpful for you.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

Hello Vijay,

Thank you for the clarification. Please advise on whether the Auxiliary port will work in the following scenario:

  • One epmp radio configured as bridge pointing to a BTS.
  • LAN port on the adapter connected to 1 client for internet connectivity.
  • The auxiliary port connected to a pc on another client.

The second client wants to use the same radio for internet connectivity via the auxiliary port.



The 2 ports are "switched" together. 

Unless you use something like a Cnpilot R200/201 in each customer's house, you would have no control over who is using the bandwidth, and what one  customer is doing to the other customer's network.

Plus, whoever is connected to the main port would have to provide power for the radio 100% of the time, as the AUX port cannot be used to power the radio.

Not a good idea in my opinion.

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Thank you for the information.

Does this mean that both customers will be able to use internet connection simultaneously regardless the fact that it will not be possible to distinguish the respective usages?