Portable CNUT/Prizm

I have a friend of mine who cracks apps and makes portable apps working on a portable of CNUT (Prizm is probably too big, and since its licensed not ethically right to do it). If he can get java to port then he can get it to happen, wouldnt it be grand to have you CNUT sitting on a USB key not eating up a whole machine or cluttering up a production machine for something you only use once a month?

Now if its installed under linux I assume you could burn it to a live CD if you understand linux.

Has anybody tried this?


I do not have him working on a crack for prizm, I wont have him crack prizm. Im afraid of some moto guy with spikey hair showing up in a VW beetle and whooping me into a pulp.

I don’t see much point - CNUT (which I really don’t like, BTW - if someone published how to directly extract firmware from the pkg archives without using CNUT or Prizm to do it I’d happily finish the replacement I started oh-so-long-ago) doesn’t exactly consume the machine(s) it’s installed on. I’ve got it on several machines, both Linux and Windows, workstations, netbooks, and one server.

Also, you can get many linux distros running live off of bootable USB, and install CNUT to them. (usually NOT straightforward, unfortunately, but it can be done without too much pain) For example, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveC … romScratch - it walks you through making a custom bootable CD or USB image of Ubuntu.