portal for canopy, for adding new client mac address

A friend of mine works at a local Wisp and they run Canopy equipment without a Bam server etc. They want to try to make portal so that new equipment automatically gets forwarded to a page, so that a mac address needs to be entered to get on the network. So that people don’t just go buy SM’s and connect to the network. The same kind of thing that Telus uses with their high speed adsl internet.

Linux PPPoE server is probably the easiest way to do this.

We do this same thing. We use the following:

ISC DHCP server and allow only KNOWN hosts, we have a pool setup for UNKNOWN hosts that get assigned a private IP range that we then forward through a SQUID caching server that simply tells them that they do not have access to enter our network, etc… We have wrote a front end to the DHCP server that uses a database and so that all our tech support department can allow and disallow access when people call in with new CPE (routers, computers) etc… that they want to allow on the network.


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