Possible issue with 8.2 on 900MHz Advantage AP

I have a 900MHz AP talking to 3 900MHz SM’s. Average numbers over the last 6 months for all three SM’s running 7.3.6 and

dbm = -59 to -63
RSSI = 1650 to 2100
Jitter = 8.51 to 8.78
Downlink/Uplink = 100%/100%

On Tuesday I upgraded all the 900MHz gear to 8.2. Everthing connects fine, but the Jitter readings on all 3 SM’s are around 8 in 1X mode. 2X is enabled, but only shows 2X/1X and the uplink speeds prove it.

Other concern is all my uplink %'s went from 100% to around 76%.

I left the SM’s at 8.2 and downgraded the AP to and things returned to normal.

Wierd thing is that all my 5.2 and 5.7 gear is running fine.

An input would be greatful.

PS. Forcing the SM to 1X/1X I have jitter readings of 2-3.