Potential Opportunity for Canopy-in-Iraq job

Do you have:
1) An active DoD security clearance
2) A desire to deploy forward into Iraq
3) A desire to help our troops in wartime

I have a “potential” opportunity to offer one or two people to an organization that is using Canopy “in theater” (read Iraq) to help with communicating between and among ‘things’.

Do any of you on this list:
1) Have an active, U.S./Department of Defense security clearance
2) Have a job situation that would allow you to leave for 6 months
3) Then return to go back to work?

The pay would probably be exciting for that period of time, since folks usually are worked 80 hours/week…which leaves very few hours to spend money or get into trouble…and the money has 2 “adders” to it. So that for every $1 you earn the Government adds .70 to it… People usually come home with a substantial down-payment for their next house (if they haven’t already spent it on eBay while in the tents at night <grin>…)

…no pro-soldier-versus-anti-war or leave-em-in-versus-pull-em-out discussions on this one…I’m just trying to share a unique opportunity to help people who are ‘smart’ about Canopy who might want to do this…


(P.S.: I have had up to 5 guys simultaneously “in theater” (down to 1 right now), and they all want to return…not just for the money, but because they think they are helping out the soldier/war-fighter…)

Is there any way to get such clearance? If so sign me up!

Look at what happened to the last US Citizen to venture overseas to install radio antennas…


You will obviously be protected by the troops, but still… working on roofs, snipers could take a few shots at you with their Russian Dragunovs with ranges of up to 1000 feet.

Don’t let me talk anybody out of it, I actually had a thought go through my head. Tempting and good money. B