Power Client Mesh AP With Poe Switch

Is Powering the Mesh Client AP with a Poe Switch that is not connected to the internet supported?
We are looking to deploy a Mesh Setup, We have done alot of testing where the Mesh base is connected to a Poe Switch that has internet access and where the Client AP is connected to just a Poe injecter, this works great, no problems. But when we plug the Client AP in to a dummy Poe Switch (A Switch not connected to the internet) the Client AP Never finds the mesh pair. We plan to use a Poe Switch to just power the AP that is all.

We have tested with two diffent APs for the Client, E400-AFCC74 and XV2

Our Base AP is the XV2-2T0-30124E

Both APs are in the Same AP group if that helps in any way.

Anyone know why this wont work?
Can send more info or configurations if needed.

Does the client AP have wired network connectivity when connected to a dummy PoE switch? I believe that if the client AP detects wired network connectivity, has IP address, gateway, then it will not bring up the mesh as it thinks the wired network connectivity is good and will use that instead.

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No the client AP dose not have a wired internet connection when pluged into the Poe Switch, The AP is the only device plugged in.

Are you sure that the Mesh client AP is not getting IP address from the wired connection. if so, please check the firmware running on the Mesh client AP( has to be 6.4.1 or above)

Hello Nick,

Your mesh client AP is getting IP from the PoE switch that you have connected that is the reason why mesh link is not getting formed.

Can you please disable data path on that port(where AP is connected) and keep PoE enabled on that port.

We ran a shutdown command on the switchport the AP was plugged into and the Mesh Link came up.