Power control.

How to disable the power control of the radio ePMP-1000 working in mode ePTP?

Hi Pablo_1,

Here is a summary of power control for the AP and SM for TDD and ePTP.

AP - TDD: Manual only

AP - ePTP: Manual only

SM - TDD: Auto (Default) and Manual

SM - ePTP: Manual only

The only time this feature may be altered is in SM - TDD mode.  The idea behind the Power Control feature for SMs in TDD mode is to make sure that all SMs will have their signals reach the AP at the defined Subscriber Module Target Receive Level (e.g. -60 dBm).  This makes sure that SMs do not pollute the AP with two much energy (e.g. -40 dBm) and hence cause interference with other radios.  However, some users still have occasion / reasons to put SM - TDD mode to manual.

The other modes only allows for transmit power to be set manually.

Does this anwer your question or perhaps you are asking about something else.