(Power cycle / watchdog reset)

Customer called in this morning complaining that the Internet was dropping in her home. We checked cnMaestro and noticed this message: cnPilot R201-P: Details: Overview: System: Last Reboot: Wed Nov 14 2018 11:22 (Power cycle / watchdog reset). cnPilot is on 4.4.1. There are no other cnPilot routers on our system that we are aware of that are doing this. What could be up?

I cannot find an option for Power Watchdog - is there a setting somewhere that is causing the cnPilot to reboot itself?

The cnPilot seems to be reboot itself approx. every 20 minutes.

I have a stack of around 15 routers of various models R201, 201P that exibit extremely weird states.

Some don't hand out DHCP, some reboot after being online for 10 minutes, some fail to boot at all, some don't have wireless.

I think there's hardware issues in the chain, moving around firmwares doesn't help these issues, resetting config doesn't help these issues, different power supplies doesn't help.

I'm about ready to do a huge RMA cause that's a couple grand in equipment that's just garbage and never worked from day one.

That being said, we do have hundreds out there and the majority seem fine, but there is hardware problems.

Hi Todd,

There is no configuration explicitly to do powercycle/ watchdog reset periodically like the one you are facing.

Please provide below details to troubleshoot the issue,

* R-Series device model

* Firmware in the device (Staus Page)

* Current config file (to check any config causing the issue) . (Administration->Save Config->Download)

* Syslog (Status->Syslog->Save)



Please send the few units to us to debug the hardware issue. Our support team will contact you to get these units.



Was this issue resolved because I am seeing the same issue on some of my customer units.

Why do you guys get involved then never follow up. This is a common problem with these devices what is the outcome! This is becoming unacceptable

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