Power for PTP600 at 400' AGL

One of our sites is a very busy 270’ tower. For more capacity we are adding a 400’ tower thiis winter (hopefully done by Dec 31). I want to place a PTP600 near the top - say around 380-390.

I know all of the limitations of Ethernet at 100m/328’, so I plan to use the SFP module for fiber right to the radio. My issue is with power. People will say that we will have power up there for the lighting anyway, but we are using LED beacons, powered by a controller in the building.

I realize I could run tek up there to an enclosure somewhere, and put the PIDU in it. I am trying to get away from any cabinet/enclosure/active equipment between the switch at the bottom and the radio itself (other than PIDU, of course). I am wondering if anyone has any idea if the 55 VDC supply and Cat-5 can supply the 48 VDC to the radio at ~380’.

Thoughts? Also, I’m wondering what the “Fiber Kit for PTP600 Series” includes - likely the SFP module for that cost… gonna keep looking on MOL…

Thanks in advance.


for the ptp i assume its going to be a bh, if its linking to the 270’ tower, does it really need to be at 400’?

haha No. This is not a link between the two towers - only ~300 feet apart. :lol: Fiber will be run between the two buildings.

The new link is to replace a link on the old towet that has to hop through another site back to our main PoP - ~20 miles. The extra height on the new tower would allow me to come straight here, instead of hopping through the other site.

Hey Mr Cherman,

If i was to give you a pointer on the power over Cat5, how bout taking a roll of your tower cable, find both ends of it (easier if it is in a box then on a spool), and connect up the IDU to the PTP600 with the cable still on the roll and see if everything powers up…


Just my 2 cents

Here is webpage to calculate voltage for poe, with varialbes for footage and wire gauge