Power outage caused SM limit?

We had a storm roll through yesterday that briefly cut power to our ePMP 2000 AP. For some reason, it changed the OS to the "Lite" version which limits the amount of SMs that can be registered to 10 from 120. We had approximately 25 SMs connected to the AP so this needed to be fixed asap. I downloaded and upgraded the AP to 3.5 and now the AP will not aquire any SMs. I have a current call into cambium, but as we have 25 customers hanging right now, I figured I would post here and see if anyone had any ideas. 

Update: I downgraded the AP to version 3.0 and was able to get 10 SMs to connect, but it still will not let me program it to accept more than 10, even though the max says 120.

Call your distributor. They will get you the upgrade from lite to full faster than Cambium support will.

Well that's the thing. It's not the Lite version. We had 25 customers connected to it yesterday. The software just seems to think it's the lite version when it isn't. Or are you saying a replacement is the only solution? From what I understand, Cambium is working on a software fix at current. 

I had a similar situation. I did not order lites either, but when I upgraded the firmware and applied my template it changed my full AP's to lites. Cambium support took too long to get back with me, so I emailed my distributor and the sent me the upgrade code.


Could you please download configuration file in Text format from affected APs and check parameter:

"systemConfigSMLockBit" ?

I can assume it is set with "2"  now.

It means that memory partition which is responsible for identification it is Lite or Full Capacity device has been damaged.

Thank you.