power over ethernet security cameras

We have recently had a break in and tampering the equipment in the fire tower we lease. On top of other measures we want to install cameras at key locations. Does anyone have recommendations for power over ethernet security cameras.

What is your price range? day/night? PTZ? its not that simple. need more info.

Well, without speaking to the other partners I’m guessing $500 or less. Day and night is required since the tower has been a local attraction for decades. PTZ? What is that?

What is your price range? day/night? PTZ? its not that simple. need more info.

Pan Tilt and Zoom. Look it’s like you get what you pay for. Their are lots of cameras out their some junk some not. You have to decide what your requirements are and go with that. How much is it worth to you. I dont sell or install junk so it costs a little more. some good brands are.


Panasonic has a line of vandal-proof camera’s but to get a decent network camera plan on starting at around 500

There are a number of factors to consider when designing a CCTV system

    Are you going to record the camera feeds to a DVR?
    Do have a computer available to act as the DVR or do you want a stand-alone DVR unit?
    Do you need to get a page if the camera detects motion or if the case is tampered with?
    Do you need to be able to Pan/Tilt/Zoom remotely?
    Will the cameras be exposed to the elements?
    What is the min/max temp?
    Will the cameras be out of reach?
    Do you need to be able to record at night?
    Are you going to try and use the CCTV as a deterrent or are you going to try and prosecute with it (goes to video quality)
    Do you have the bandwidth available for CCTV monitoring?

Realistically you are looking at about 1k for a fixed, outdoor, low light networked camera in a heated dome with blower and tamper.

These are my CCTV guys: http://www.securityvideodirect.com/index.php

How bandwidth does CCTV monitoring actually use?

Is there a typical amount need for it to operate properly?

The best way to do it is to have some type of networked DVR at the camera or tower. This way you can record high quality full motion video and use NO bandwidth until you go to view the video.

Your viewer on you computer can be configured to view at a low frame rate so that you don’t use a ton of BW to monitor or review. If you see something interesting, the DVR will have the high res version on it so that you can take a frame and email it to the police.