Power PTP650S from CMM4 unit

Hi ,

Just wondering if it is possible to power a PTP650S unit using a CMM4? We are looking at installing a PTP650S on a tower that already has redundant 56v power supplies to the CMM4 unit and will also be used to power new 450i units we will be installing.

What we are wondering is rather than introducing another failure point (650S power supply unit) if it may be possible to power the unit from the CMM4?

Just wondering if possible .. may save us some hassle on the tower if possible :)

I'm sorry but unfortunately no. Taken right out of the PMP Sync Solution User Guide. Hopefully this helps your planning. 

Configured for Cambium PTP 400, 500, and 600 Series Ethernet Bridges
PTP 400, 500, and 600 Series Ethernet bridges can use the CMM4’s EtherWAN switch for their network connectivity.
These units use a different powering scheme and must be powered using their external PIDU (Powered InDoor Unit), not the powering option of the controller board in the CMM4. The PIDU must be located between the CMM4 and the ODU (OutDoor Unit – the radio), so as not to put power on ports of the EtherWAN switch.

These restrictions apply to the PTP 650 series just the same as PTP 300/400/500/600. It's not possible to power a PTP 650 from the CMM4.