Power Supply and Surge Suppressor Part Number Guide

Attached is a handy guide for matching the radio equipment with the compatible Power Supply and Surge Suppressor part numbers.

The new Force 180 radios are coming with N00090L001C power injector. I have some with the 001A, 001B, 001C, and I have seen some 001D for sale on the web. Are these all basically the same and interchangeable? This PS SS Guide RevC.pdf only shows the 001A

Cambium will often make minor revisions to part numbers like this, and generally, there shouldn’t be a change to the function of a device when only changing from A to B and so on.

In this case, they are all interchangeable as there is no change to intended use or functionality. There is a change to the voltage input range, and the size.

Specification N000900L001C (Obsolete)
Input Voltage 90 to 300 VAC (47 to 63 Hz)
Size 118 x 43.7 x 30 mm

N000900L001D (Current)
Input Voltage 90 to 264 VAC (47 to 63 Hz)
Size 86 x 47.4 x 30 mm

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Thank you for that information.

Thanks Kyle, you nailed it and were timely with the info.

Can anyone tell me about the “Cambium DC Surge Suppressor” (N000082L185) that we received to use with some 820c radios? I’ve never seen this little thing before and it looks, for lack of a better word, dinky.
I’m struggling to think that this is all that I have to protect such an expensive radio…