Power supply woes

Storm after storm, I get calls and calls,

When ever a storm goes through I get calls from customers.

The antenna is connected, No Link No Link No Link over and over.

So we roll a truck. Router is dead, Network card is dead, Phone adapter is dead.

So, we do some testing, with a surge suppressor, and with out, Still blown

With surge power strips and still the same thing. So only thing that seems to protect the equipment is a UPS.

It seems that customers with ups dont have this. So perhaps its time for a redesign of the power supply unit?

I am just getting tired of rolling trucks to swap out equipment due to a blown port.

Who else has seen this?

We have just had a round of this as well. We are just starting to recover.

I assume you are exactly implementing the Motorola recommended installation procedure on page 352?

Correct, we have tried numerious things to prevent equipment from getting blown. 95% of the time our antenna and powersupply/surge are ok, but the network card or router or port we plug into is dead and has to be replaced,

So far the only thing we have found is one of our employees has a phone adapter and switch and he has yet to loose a single thing with the everything plugged into a ups.

Thats why I a thinking since our equipment is usually not damaged that some type of power surge is coming from the power into the power supply and getting into the device its hooked too.

Today alone, we have had to replace 4 phone adapters there were plugged into the canopy power supply. All canopy related equipment is ok.

Among other people that I am sure have yet to call in.

We just received a new shipment of power supplies. They have been completely redesigned with a smaller wallwart and the connector that plugs into the customer computer/router has an anti-strain piece of plastic built in. There also is some sort of filter (or something) built into the power wire. Does anybody have experience with these new supplies? There is a different part # as well.

These are the switching power supplies. The filter blocks switching noise.

I only have a few out there but they seem OK.

We are into our first lightning season with canopy, been a wisp for five years so blown ethernet cards have been a problem in the past, were in nebraska and we get lightning in about every strom we get, we have about 100 sm’s out, we never ground the mounting post, we use canopy surge units on all installs, these are grounded to the house ground but almost all are grounded to the computer case, we also do this with about 350 tranzeos and never had a problem, the only sm we lost this year was go figure the one house that had old wiring and no ground, so i really dont know what to say about your problem except that this is what we have done for years and i never worry anymore when a storm goes through.

How are you grounding to the computer case? using a inline surge inside?

i never thought it was a good idea, but according to tranzeo, as long as the computer is grounded, as in pluged into a third prong outlet (house ground), the case is then grounded as well do to the power supply, they told us long ago to ground their surge suppressor to one of the power supply screws on the back and so we did, and have done so for 4 years, and over 350 cpes later we have never lost a computer yet do to doing this, that was one of my main worries, so we ground the canopy with a 14gage threaded coper and put a crimp on with the whole for the screw and were done, again i know this method isnt probably recamended but this is how we do it cuz it works for us