PowerConnect 3448 issue

Hi guys,

I will appreciate if you guys can share some light on switches. We have a strange problem happening on our network.

We use a PowerConnect 3448 switch. Our bandwidth manager, and entire network via a cmm is plugged into this switch. For the past week we have having packet loss on the internet side. We can’t even hit 12.5 mb internet side during peak hours. Throughout the day, we are constant at 10.5 mb.

I logged into the switch and notice that there are several errors on the port that the cmm is plugged into, such as:

Frame Check Sequence (FCS) Errors
Internal MAC Receive Errors

These errors keep rising. I was wondering if this could be the reason why we are not attaining the full 14mb. Also, what do these error mean?

You may have hit the PPS limit on the switch as well. Are you monitoring Packets Per Second one your equipment?

Try changing the cable between the CMM and the switch.

If you have another port on the switch, move the cable form the CMM to another port and see if you still get the errors.

That is the issue, how do we monitor packet per second, I contacted dell support and they couldn’t tell me that. They just referred me to the statistics page. It if from the statistics page when I log onto the switch that I see the FCS and Internal MAC receive errors.

We get the same problem when we move the cmm cable to another port on the switch. I will change the cable between the cmm and the switch and post my findings

Aside these, do you have any other suggestions?

That is a fully managed switch supporting SNMP V1/2/3

You need to acquire the MIB file for that device so that you can located the packet count OID.


Can I do packet count per port on the switch?

If there is an OID for it.

I will have to speak to tell about OIDs for their powerconnect 3448 switch. In the interim, someone suggested that cacti can do it. I am checking that possibility out as well.

Thanks Jerry

Cacti, MRTG, PRTG, and any other program can do it. You just need to know the OID of the data you want.

Cacti may be able to automatically determine the correct data to use as it it can do it with Cisco switches (among others)