Powering a legacy 56 VDC radio using N000000L034A

If you have a PMP 320 or PMP 430 Access Point, and you need to replace a Power Supply for these, you may have some difficulty in finding a reseller with stock of the Power Supplies that Cambium Networks used to recommend (as they've been discontinued).

In order to adapt the existing (current) power supply, you can make an adapter cable to provide the correct pinout to power these devices.

Follow the diagram below to adapt the following part number to provide power to the PMP 430 or 320 AP:

N000000L034A - POWER SUPPLY, 30W, 56V - Gbps support

One end of the cable should be the standard Ethernet (TIA 568B) pinout.  

Make the following pin assignments on the other end:

Pin 8 --> Pin 7

Pin 7 --> Pin 4

Pin 4 --> Pin 8