Powering an ePMP or PMP 450 SM with cnPilot

The R200P and R201P cnPilot home WiFi devices can power an ePMP or PMP 450 SM from their integrated WAN port, which means one less power supply and less hassle when you provide WiFi as well as wireless broadband internet access to your customers.

A single cable runs from the cnPilot WAN port to the SM outside, carrying both power and data - no extra power supply or data cabling needed.

This is only available on cnPilot R200P and R201P. cnPilot R200 and R201 can’t supply power to a connected SM. The picture below is my cnPilot R200P powering an ePMP SM through the WAN port.


The ePMP 1000 Hotspot can also power another ePMP or PMP 450SM using a single cable from its Auxillary (eth2) port to the device.

Note that unlike the cnPilot R200P or R201P, the PoE-Out is off by default on the ePMP 1000 Hotspot and needs to be enabled in its configuration from CLI or GUI:


cnWest-falcon(config)# poe-out