Powering ePMP 3000L and ePMP 3000 from a DC Power Source

Hello, we are planning to use a DC power source for several base stations. We would like to gather information on the required voltage for powering the ePMP 3000L. Does it require 30V or is it compatible with the standard 24V? Additionally, we would like to know if the ePMP 3000 operates on 48V
And which Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector should be used? Would the mikrotik RBGPOE injector be suitable for devices?

The 3000L will only take 14V to 30V. The 3000 will only take 44 V to 59 V.
Feeding more than 30v to your 3000L will fry it.

For your PoE needs, I would recommend looking at packet flux products. But as long as the pinout and voltage are correct, most PoEs will work.

Just be aware if you use Packetflux to power your radios then be sure to never plug a 3000L into a packetflux injector set up for a 3000 (or other 44+ volt radio) because it will 100% burn up the 3000L. I know this because that is how I discovered 3000L was only 30v . Just one more reason to never use 3000L.

That said, when we were still trying to find uses for 3000L I did power a couple of them with Mikrotik NetPowers and at least a couple with the little HeX routers that had PoE Out.

We are using the ePMP 3000L as a replacement for the ePMP 2000 when the access point fails. Currently, we are using a standard Cambium PoE injector First, we replaced the PoE injector when we installed the ePMP 3000L)."
Our main question is which option would be better for powering the NetPower 16: using a MikroTik PoE injector or the Cambium PoE injector? Additionally, we would like to confirm if the ePMP 3000L can be powered using non-reversed 24V PoE.

Can you power a netpower with a Cambium PoE Injector ? Seems I tried that way back and the netpower wouldn’t do reverse polarity. For the most part ePMP radios are polarity agnostic and don’t care if the power is - or + ground. Been a while since I messed with one but I believe in the mikrotiks I had to configure the PoE on each port to always on instead of auto detect (or however it was worded) in order to work. But yes, the 3000L worked connected to Netpowers and Hex routers using the 24v PS that came with the mikrotiks.

Use a 48v to 24v step down adapter for 48v. These convert 802.3af/at auto (switch) or passive 48v on to 24v. Mikrotik and UBNT sell a version of these.

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