Powering on a CMM3 with third part power supply

Hello, I'm trying to power on a CMM3 with a power supply from an other vendor.

This power supply has 24vcd, 7A, but when I connected he on the CMM3, does not work.

The reason to use this power supply, is that have nobreak functionality with external bateries.

Reading the CMM3 user manual, this power supply is fine, but on first test this does not worked.

Anyone have ever tested any different power supply to power on CMM3 devices?


24V should be okay for CMM3. Is it in a field or in a lab? What is power cable length and AWG/diameter? Could you please check voltage at power supply output with no load, and then with CMM connected?

Agree with Sergey that 24 VDC should work with the CMM3.