Powering up 2 ap's with one cable

Is it possible to do this. I am on a water tower and I have 4 poles on it , I have 900 mhz 450i ap's on the poles  and I am going to be puttting epmp 2.4 ghz ap's directly above the 900 ap on each pole. Is it possible to power up the 900 i gear and 2.4 epmp using a single cat 5 cable per pole or do I need to run a new cable for each epmp ap?

Possible? ...sure, with the right parts, but a good idea? ...probably not.

It looks like the aux port on the 450i AP's should eventually be usable for a setup like that, but I don't believe it's enabled in the current firmware.

14.2 Beta builds enable use/configuration of the AUX port on PMP450i.

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Netonix makes a poe powered poe switch (6mini) you can run 5 devices from a single cat 5 line. You’ll need a jumper from the switch to each device you need to run. They have a 60 watt poe budget. We’ve used it a few times to simplify cabling to tower tops and APs to far away from the ground switch