Powering v5000 with Netonix

Is it possible to power a v5000 with a Netonix switch?
If so, would we need to use 48v or 48vh?

Hello Cody,

We have tested with the Netonix switch and it is possible to power the V5000.

Now ideally you should use the 48vh and utilise all four pairs as the max power could be 35W and to maximise the length and cable margin:

We support both mode-A and mode-B simultaneously with 4-pair powering.

Mode-A 1,2 +ve & 3,6 -ve
Mode-B 4,5 +ve & 7,8 -ve


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would this be the same case for v3000 and v1000?


V3000 is the same as the V5000 powering.

On the V1000 you really need the PoE as it’s the only port.

The V1000 will power direct from an 802.11af or .11at device as a PD, it only needs around 10W.

48VH Here and working great. around 20-30w consumption depending on load


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That’s great, thank you for sharing the update.