Powers levels and jitter on 13.1.2 PMP 100 APs

After upgrade all the network to 13.1.2 version, APs and SMs, i try the new frequencies under Region “Other - Regulatory” and country “other”. Lets say the freq 5600 Mhz, if i switch our AP from 5825 Mhz to 5600 Mhz (where spec analyzer shows no interference at all), the SMs connected to that AP gain -10 Power level and like 5 Jitter, going from a regular -70 to -80 and whorse, is this normal or there is some bug about, or maybe i missing something.

Thanks for the answers and sorry my english.

I am not aware of any bugs that would cause this behavior. However, I am a bit confused by your example. 5600 MHz and 5825 MHz are in two different frequency bands, and are not valid in a single PMP 100 product. That is, there is a 5.4 GHz PMP 100, which supports 5470-5725, and a 5.7 GHz PMP 100 supporting 5725 - 5850.

Can you be more specific?

Well i guess thats the problem then, the product i am talking about is the 5.7, was my bad guessing if the freq was there is because i can use it.

Device Type : 5.7GHz - Access Point
Board Type : P10
FPGA Version : 111010
PLD Version : 9

I have another little question, i have a 5.7 AP thats says “PLD Version : 11” and is working great on 5875 Mhz, is that ok ?

Thanks for the answers.