PPPoE auth method support?

One of my clients wanted to use PPPoE on AP Cambium. Unfortunately it uses the ms-chap and ms-chap 2 authentication methods. I set everything up as required and the APs are not connecting :frowning: I don’t think these methods are supported ?! The computer connects normally.
Is there any chance to add ms-chap (II) to the PPPoE protocol?

Is it on R series and E series AP?

All E-series e500, e501, e510.

You must create a pppoe server behind the ap. The ap can talk pppoe as a client or as a pass-through but not both.

If you want to use pppoe on the ap to control clients then you must have a pppoe sever to actually create the tunnels over the network. If you want the ap to be a pppoe client (wifi router on a pppoe dsl connection) then you would setup the ap to route and use pppoe as the connect method.

A better description of what you are trying to do and how the network is designed would be a good starting point.