PPPoE issue


I have seen a problem on SM's with pppoe, i have same PPPoE Server, same profile for 5 customers, 4 connect to a Sync AP bridge and the other connect to a Connectoriced AP, while the customer connected to connectoriced AP receive correct values from PPPoE server, the other 4 no, please see attached pictures.. The customers connected to Sync AP doesnt take right values from pppoe server and take values  in Separate Wireless Management IP section.


Hi Miguel,

The problem you describe here is something I am not familiar with occurring and do not know enough to proceed.

Could you contact our support team at: http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/support/contact-support.  They can work through specifically what you are seeing in your set up.  They will help to debug the issue for you and if it is a software problem, then they will escalate it to the software team.


I have problem pppoe  please help

se on video