PPPOE issues

hi! im testing a epmp1000 gps in a sector

i want to connect a cpe device with pppoe authentication, when i set up the user and pass...its impossible to do the connection, but if i set it up as a bridge  and launch the pppoe with the router for example... works properly....

am i doing something wrong ??

version 2.3.3 in both equippments 



What are you using to provide the PPPoE server functionality? The SM needs to be in the same broadcast domain as the PPPoE server, but since your other PPPoE device works, this is most likely the case.

PPPoE client in the ePMP SM does not support MSCHAP1 or MSCHAP2 authentications, only PAP or CHAP, so make sure the PPPoE server is configured to support those.

Normally "Service Name" and "Access Concentrator" parameters are optional but make sure a misconfiguration of those is not causing issues.